lunes, 28 de mayo de 2012

Candy Czekocyna

Hola a tod@s!!!
Un Candy precioso e increible en el blog de Czekocyna, aquí os dejo sus palabras e indicaciones, pero no dudeis en pasaros por su blog, hace unos trabajos increibles!!!
Czekocyna: Hello my dear readers! As I sad today I'm giving you a chance to win. I really like collecting old stuff so if you like Art Journaling, collages and vintage papers, I have something special for you! You can win a huge pack full of old envelopes, vintage sheets, pages from old books, postcards and more -all show at the picture below. There is over 150 exclusive sheets of papers.
If you want to participate, go to blog Czekocyna and performs the following steps she asks:
1. First chance to win is to grab the banner from below and place it on your sidebar. Then leave me a comment
If you want more chances...
2. Become a follower of my blog, if you aren't one already, and leave me a second comment here.
3. Third chance to win is to write about this candy on your blog post (you don't have to make a special post for this - just add this information) Now You can leave a third comment.
4. If You really want to win, "like" me on facebook and leave the next comment telling about this.
Creo que más claro no puede estar, así que animaros y participar, igual toca!!!!!
Petonets xoxo

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